I am a tenure track assistant professor in the Department of Statistics at Iowa State University.

Previously, I spent one year as a postdoc researcher in the Department of Statistics and Data Science, Carnegie Mellon University, working with Professor Kathryn Roeder and Professor Jing Lei. I received my Ph.D. in May 2021 from the Department of Statistics at the Pennsylvania State University, advised by Professor Runze Li. Before graduate school, I received my Bachelor in Statistics from Renmin University of China in 2016.

Here is my CV.

My current research focused on borrowing the power of advanced machine learning algorithms to traditional statistical problems. Related ML areas include neural network-based regression, classification and variational autoencoder. I am broadly interested in statistical applications in high dimensional data, distribution-free inference, etc. The ultimate goal of my research is to enhance the statistical understanding of real data.

Please send your CV and most representative work by email if you are interested in working with me.